Sunday, April 17, 2011

Return to Newbridge

We were all up early as we wanted to watch the Grand Prix so we saw the mist over the common.We managed to leave at around 10.30am and escaped paying the four pound, and made our way on the return journey back to Oxford. This time we were going with the flow of the Thames and it made things easier on the engine. It did make things difficult on all those turns as the flow tries to push you into the bank. You also have to remember not to turn in too early as the sandbanks will ground you, all good fun!!!

We took our time through the first two locks and Thomas was getting a lesson by the lockkeepers on how open the paddles on a fast flowing river. We then got to Tadpole bridge and we saw loads of swans, hundreds in fact, along the way. At one lock we saw four ducklings taking there first flight as they had to jump in from about eight feet. We made it back to Newbridge as we knew we had a free mooring here in between the bushes again. Thomas and Del then collected insects and took some photos in the warm evening air, until dinner was ready.

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