Friday, April 15, 2011

On the Thames to Newbridge

We left at 10.00am and said goodbye to Paul and Lynne on n.b. Piston Broke. Paul helped us through the first lock and we soon got to the first lift bridge and Drinkwater. We then took the turn into Duke's Cut where Thomas worked the paddles to get us through. It was then onto the big Thames and we were soon cruising through glorious meadows. After a hour we got to the first lock at Swinford. We then stopped for diesel at a boatyard which is a bit of a squeeze for Derwent6 but easier than some of them on the Thames. At self declaration we were happy. The sun was shining and it was lovely and warm as we cruised for the next few hours up to Newbridge. We found a nice mooring in between the bushes and in a field full of nice seasoned wood. So it was rude not to have some. Thomas helped chopping it up and getting it on board Derwent6, so we are now ready for the next cold snap, (if we have one). We then walked up to Newbridge and did some geocaching while checking out the two pubs here, but we couldn't workout the clues to find the treasure, it was too late in the day. We went to bed early as we wanted to see the Grand Prix qualifying which meant an early start in the morning.

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