Sunday, April 10, 2011

Banbury in the sunshine

As we had a new crew we set off after some breakfast as everyone wanted to go. We went through Cropredy lock and made our way slowly through the next three locks to Banbury, the weather was just fantastic, with the sun on our faces. When we arrived at Banbury we were surprised at all the moorings available and yep you guessed it shopping was on the agenda. When we got back lunch was had while we people watched... As we were about to set off we were met by Bones on n.b. Bones, it was lovely to have a chat with her. She then walked up to the lock in Banbury and helped us through the gongoozler lock in the town, before we said our goodbyes. We were then cruising in the afternoon sunshine and after one more lock we found a nice place to moor. Without hesitation out came the BBQ and we were stuffing Burgers, Bangers and Beers down our neck. Thomas then fancied some Geocaching and it was a good idea to walk off all that food. We found three within a mile of us and we all felt quite satisfied with ourselves.In the evening, as the sun was setting and it started to get dark, we sat with wine and cheese and biscuits and were a bit naughty and set off a Chinese Lantern. We thought it was the best time of the year to do it. It did look lovely!!!!

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