Friday, April 01, 2011

Derwent6 has sunk

Derwent6 has sunk!!! April Fool!!!
Sorry! just had to do that!! We were up early as we had a Tesco's delivery at 11.00am and the plan was that we would reverse to the winding hole and go back to the end of the Welford Arm to pick up the shopping there. But it was so windy it wasn't worth the risk, mainly because we had a new prop and didn't know the characteristics of what Derwent6 would feel like... and we bottled it!!!

So it meant we had to meet Mr Tesco's at the end of the track and guide him as close to Derwent6 as we could. We then had to carry the shopping from there, but it was better then going into Market Harborough on the bus. We then had a easy afternoon and in the evening we had Pat and Keith round for a Mother's Day dinner. We had a lovely evening, drinking three bottles of wine, they left at around midnight.....

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