Monday, March 07, 2011

Up the three locks (that's enough for today)

We left this morning on a sunshine cruising day and soon made our way up the three locks at Hillmorton. They were all in our favour so we had no problems. When we got to the top, for the first time we saw a spot on the 14 days moorings and grabbed it quick, it wasn't long before n.b Piston Broke pulled up behind us. Well lets face it, we had done two miles....enough's enough!!! Del had already got out the chainsaw which was having trouble idling and before long Paul had the carburetor out and on the table of Derwent6. When we put it back together it still didn't run right but it was better than it was.
We then walked into the village on a mission to find a pub with Sky Sports for tomorrow night. We found the Red Lion did a good beer and had a large screen. When we came back we invited Lynne and Paul round for a drink or two, or three. We had a good chat about our lives bringing things up to date. They left at 8.00pm and we watched some telly with fajitas before going to bed.

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