Friday, March 18, 2011

Hickery Dickery out the Dock

We got up early as we didn't know when we were going to be told that we were going to be afloat again. Del wanted to get the Bow and Stern buttons back in position and also check the rudder, and re-grease the bearings. We also wanted to add a de-rusting additive to the bilge as it was now dry. The guys at the marina then pulled out the planks and we started to fill with water and soon Derwent6 was floating again. We pulled out with ease and soon noticed the extra power of the new Axiom propeller. In fact it felt strange, you could feel Derwent6 really being pulled through the water. The great thing was that stopping power was very much improved, and it was still very easy to moor up Derwent6.

We spent the rest of the day getting the dust off the roof and side panels and it must be getting close to Spring as the barrels went back on the roof. We just had some time to take in the sunshine with a great view from the cratch.

We then saw Alan and Frances on n.b Lazy Days and they pulled up in front of us. We made a plan to meet them in the pub but we had already been invited on to Pat and Keith's boat, n.b. Thema for something to eat. We would try to meet up later in the evening if possible, but due to a few bottles of wine and not finishing eating till 9.45pm it never happened. We had a lovely meal with Pat and Keith and was pleased to hear about their little win on the horses...

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