Saturday, March 12, 2011

Painting the Gunwales

We had lovely sunshine when we surfaced and we also had seven boats here with us, but one by one they all disappeared and left us all alone. This gave us the chance to do some jobs and one of them was to make some noise and cut up some wood. As we are on a low edge here we then decided to paint the gunwales.. This took up the rest of the day as we had to degrease them and then rub them down before we painted them. Luckily it clouded over, but never rained until late in the day. We will have to turn round tomorrow to do the other side, weather pending.

We cleaned the chimney, and then watched the football in the afternoon (yes, it's been a bad couple of weeks). A film in the evening to take our minds off the result!

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Anonymous said...

Yes it was a great game wasn't it!! Good old Van der Sar :)!