Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dry Dock third day

We were up early again this morning and making the most of our time in dry dock. Oh! just a reminder...... make sure you've got plenty of pain killing tablets on board if you are doing your own blacking lol...

The first coat had dried nicely overnight so the first thing we did was give it a quick rub down to take off some of the rough edges and also it gives the second coat a key in case it was damp on the surface.

We then rubbed down the bands at the stern and added the primer. We also removed the weed hatch for painting. We then both gave Derwent6 a second coat. We found the sponge rollers better than the cloth ones, as they leave loads of bits in the paint surface.

We then finished the red and white bands on the stern and did all the last minute touching up.After cleaning up brushes and sorting out the workshop, we were all done by around 5.30pm and had a well earned drink in the pub. We ended up having fish and chips as well for all our hard work.


Anonymous said...

well done!!! Can I book team Heasman to paint my home in 3 days xxxx


Anonymous said...

Well done,sure you have a lovley black bottom!!!!!!!!Dad & Telxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

looking great you have worked really hard. wish the restaurant decorating was as quick
see you soon Max

Del and Al said...

Hi guys, yep we're thinking of hiring ourselves out.....only problem is, your homes are bigger than ours, so prehaps not lol! x