Monday, September 09, 2019

Our trip to Southwold

The Alarms went off at 4.00am and we were all up and ready to go and on the road by 4.45am .. We followed Zoe and Greg in their VW campervan.. We got to the Dartford tunnel just before you had to pay and got onto the A12 to Woodbridge, a pretty little town with a harbour, where we had breakfast.

After a walk we were back on our way to the Retro seaside town of Southwold.. We soon set up camp and were chilling in the sunshine when Steve and Susie arrived in their van, and pitched alongside us.

It was a short walk into town, so we walked Rummage, Jumble, Sprout and Brew along the beach.
A few drinks in the pubs here and we were all feeling the early morning start..
We had a few snacks before we all crashed out into our new homes.

The next morning we all rose quite early and Greg even went for a swim in the sea.
 We found a nice café along the seafront for a bacon butty and a coffee and then Del and Al went and joined the Adnam's Brewery tour (Yes! Southwold has a brewery as well)
This brewery has been here since the 1300's and we really enjoyed it and got to sample a lot of beers while here..

We then moved on to meet up with the gang at the Nelson pub and then walked back along the beach to chill out on the campsite.
The weather forecast wasn't that good with strong winds and rain overnight so it was check the tent pegs before we went to bed.

After not much sleep but a tent still in place, we all thought we would go for a long walk along the Suffolk Coastal trail to Dunwich. We thought we would get the ferry across to Walberswick and it was a bit of fun with the dogs in hand..
After we had a lovely breakfast we set off across some nice marshes and woodlands.
This took us across a fantastic board walk across rivers and creeks.

We passed some old windmills and
Which in the end found us ready for lunch in Dunwich.
On our return we decided to go along the beach, but as it was high tide this proved to be very hard work..

  We were knackered when we got back and had to have a pint in the Bell Inn back at Walberswick before we got the ferry back..

In the evening we all got round Steve and Susie's tent and had loads of nibbles and wine while playing charts and guessing the number one's and reminisced looking at the old Disco 45 magazines.

We were up early and packing our tent on the Friday as the weather looked a bit iffy later on. Our drive back was trouble free and even the traffic was kind to us, which was a good thing as we had a couple of appointments to make.. First stop was lunch with Del's mum and we took them out of a meal to a little village just 15 minutes from them.

Then we had to go in the afternoon as Del had another ostiopathe appointment for his back and Al had a hairdressers appointment, so it all worked out ok.. 

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