Sunday, September 22, 2019

Another friend in a Camper!

It was one of those Autumnal mornings, tranquil, with fog on the water and the sun trying to rise to the occasion.

We set off hoping for a spot at Leighton Buzzard and it was one of those mornings where very slow was the order of the day..
We just watched the wild life and listened to the trickle of the water as the sun peeped through the overhanging trees..
When we looked along the line of boats there was one spot in the sunshine just for us..
We had only cruised for 40 minutes and Del just got us moored up when the boat behind us decided to leave. We pulled back Derwent6 so we weren't under so many trees and then the other boat behind us decided to move. It must be us we thought, but then again we thought it might be that Mr CaRT inspector might be coming round today.. Lets hope so because we want our number taken proving we move and travel the system..
We were meeting a friend today, who most of you who read our blog, will recognise .. It was Doug who used to have n.b. Chance with James, who arrived to find us in his campervan..
It was great to see him and we had loads to catch up on.
Doug being Doug had brought with him a nice bottle of prosecco to start the order of the day. We were soon getting very hungry and walked down to the Globe Inn pub for more drinks and a bite to eat.
Luckily the pub let Doug keep his camper in the car park, and they were also happy with him staying there overnight.. When the sun had gone down and it had turned a bit chilly, we walked back to Derwent6. We just had a good laugh together.. Doug left taking Del's hoodie with him, which looked like a straight jacket on Doug.... it had been a fun day.


nb Chance said...

Great pics and a lovely day hope to meet up again soon x

Del and Al said...

It was a lovely couple of days, see you soon xxx

Oakie said...

James & Doug eh? What fun we have had in times past & really enjoyed their company. Pleased 2 C they R still travelling im a motor home, but miss them on the cut. I am still cruising the cut for 6 months each summer on Stronghold.