Friday, February 11, 2011

Car Crash

Al left early and went to the butchers and what a butchers it is. We found out that it is one of the best around here anyway... we picked up some nice cuts of lamb and beef. We then set off down through Alrewas Lock and onto, and off, the River Trent. We took it nice and steady and as we got to Wychnor lock there seemed to be a lot of police about. It all came to light as we got into the lock. A car had crashed into the bridge and the stones had fallen onto the towpath and into the canal. We were advised to take it very easy past the scene of the accident. This lady was on her way to an interview and she was very lucky!

We got to Barton marina and turned and then found a mooring where we could get a tv signal. We then walked over to the marina as we wanted to go to the shops. We shopped for a hour and then got a coffee in the coffee shop, it was a bit expensive though.

We then found Alan & Carol on n.b Holly Hobble and had a coffee before we all headed off to The Waterfront pub for something to eat. The prices here weren't as bad as we thought. We stayed and watched the live band in the evening and left at midnight. It was then back to n.b Holly Hobble for another coffee before we walked back to Derwent6 on the cut. We got back at 2.30am........good night!

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

At least BW should be able to claim of the car insurance to repair the bridge