Monday, February 14, 2011

Gone for a Burton

Del woke Al this morning with a cup of tea and a chocolate for Valentine's day. We were going to move, but Carol was going into Burton on Trent, and Al fancied going as we wanted to get some new cups for Derwent6. Our cups had chipped over the last two years and were looking a bit tacky. Al was out for the best part of the day what with chatting and a coffee, chatting and a coffee, and chatting and a coffee. Not much time for shopping Del thought.... So possibility of a saving, but she did manage to get the cups!!!!!
Del spent the time chopping wood ready for the next cold snap, and guitar practice.... and he needs plenty of that....

In the evening we had a nice Valentines meal with Al's heart shaped cookies for desert.


Unknown said...

Glad to see you got rid of those old cups can we have a picture of the new ones. :)

Del and Al said...

Oh we can't use the new ones.......we might chip 'em lol