Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rainy Day

With the rain hitting the roof we weren't moving today.. It just never seemed to even slow down and the towpath turned into a mud bath. So we caught up with some paperwork and updated some software as we have a good 3G signal here. The good news of the day is that we got a call from Alan Watts of Axiom Propellers and he wants to inspect the prop when Derwent6 comes out of the water for blacking, later next month. As you all know Derwent6 was one of the first narrowboats to have the Axiom fitted and we have been very happy with ours from day one. It has it's faults, but the benefits by far out way the faults. Axiom are working hard to sort out these faults, by us all giving them good feedback.

We watched the Rugby all afternoon and they were two great games with us beating the French.

The weather eased off at around 4.00pm and Del manage to clean some of the brasses and get some twigs for kindling. On doing so we spotted another tree down...... maybe look at that tomorrow....

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