Monday, February 07, 2011

Fully loaded

The wind was so strong last night it kept us awake half the night again. Del was up to grab that wood he pulled out the canal last night. Chainsaw and sack barrow in hand he chopped it into sections to get it back to Derwent6. Al meanwhile had ordered a Tesco delivery and was waiting for him on the bridge to arrive. We are quite difficult to find here, but with the good directions he managed to find us. So fully loaded with wood and cupboards full of food we are all set to go.
The wind was bad for the best part of the day and the canal had waves on it so we chilled out for the rest of the day. We did go for a small walk to see if any more trees had fallen and sure enough we found one. We will cut this up for the roof tomorrow. In the evening we listened to the Folk awards on the radio....

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