Friday, February 04, 2011

Into Lichfield for the Day

After a windy and late night we had a lay in.... We decided to go to Lichfield today as we had a few things we wanted to get. We got the bus from Handsacre and were soon in the town centre.

We had a walk round the town and was amazed at how much there was to do. We had a coffee at Cafe Nero and then walked to the Cathedral. It is the only medieval Cathedral in Britain with three Spires and it's nearly as big as Canterbury Cathedral. We could hear the wind whirling round the tall Spires and it felt quite eerie. We then went to the music shop and Del brought a music stand and some spare strings for his guitar before we headed back to the bus stop. We got back to Derwent6 at about four in the afternoon. The wind had really picked up and was rocking Derwent6 around like a rubber duck in a bath. We then had the problem with kids. About thirty of them, boys and girls had decided to gather round the bridge where we had moored and were having a good time. The trouble is it kept us on edge as we were worried they may do something to Derwent6. Of course they didn't and were just having a good time, we just wish they had picked somewhere else. Still it looked like we wouldn't get much sleep tonight anyway, with the wind still throwing us about.


Anonymous said...

I bet they don't charge the money Canterbury Cathederal do to go in!!!!!! Telxxxxxxxxxxxx

Del and Al said...

Yeah you're right Tel, Lichfield was free, just a donation box xx

Andy Tidy said...

I think its amazing that these structures are still standing after all these years. Maybe I shouldn't have read Pillars of the Earth!