Friday, February 25, 2011

Locking before the rain

Just like last night we had a beautiful red sky this morning which didn't bode well as we wanted to get up through the locks today. Anyway, we set off and soon passed Mo on n.b Balmaha and got to the locks. We were pleasantly surprised that they were in our favour and got through the first two of the eleven. We then spotted n.b No Problem and n.b Moore2life as we made our way up the rest of the flight. We could now see the new gates at lock seven which stopped us getting further south for the winter, but this lock still took an age to fill. The locks were in our favour all the way up as we passed three boats coming down, this sped things up for us, (not that we were in a hurry), but we were still thinking about that red sky and when it was going to rain. We had few gongoozlers (all be them ducks) when we got to the top. A fresh wind was starting to get up and you could feel rain in the air, but it was still pleasant cruising. We got to Hartshill and the weather was holding so we pushed on to Valley Cruisers marina, where we felt the first spits of rain. We just got moored up before it poured down.. The first thing we did was have a shower to get warmed up and the fire did the rest. We soon both fell asleep on the settee listening to the rain hitting the roof. We were woken up by a call from BW about our gold licence, they soon call you if they want your money........ so it won't be long before we can pick up our new licence...

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