Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can't move, but a Good Hair Day

Horrible drizzle this morning, but again they said it should clear up. Al had a hair appointment at 11.30am in Alrewas but was a bit worried how they would cut it... and we were going to move when she came back. But when we looked down at the lock the divers were in action again clearing branches from the River Trent which joins the Trent and Mersey canal at this point.

So we were here for another day. Al got back and was really pleased on how they had cut her hair, it just gives you a feel good factor in life. As the weather had cheered up a bit we took a walk out along the Trent and took in some of the scenery, including the old cotton mill. We got back at around 4.00pm and then had the casserole which had been cooking on the stove all afternoon. It was just what we needed...... We listened to a bit of Country and Bowie on the radio in the evening.......

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