Monday, February 28, 2011

A Six Hour Day

It was cloudy and we wanted to start making our way south so we set off at 7.15am. We soon got to Nuneaton and the council here really need to get their backsides in gear. The rubbish in and around the canal was horrendous, it is such a shame that in a stressful world, in this hard working town you can't go and relax around the canal that runs through it. You really did feel like stopping and picking it all up, it was like taking a boat through a refuse tip. The dog poo and graffiti was everywhere, this is where community service should come into action, then locals could look after it and catch the culprits doing it. Once we got through avoiding the telly's and the sofas we got back out into the countryside passing the entrance to the Ashby canal. We then got to Hawkesbury Junction and through Sutton stop and on to the Oxford. It started to get really cold as we headed through Ansty and Brinklow, but it was still lovely cruising and we saw our first lambs. After six hours we got to the pretty Newbold tunnel and pulled over for water just the other side.

We then moved up to Rugby and were meet by bloggers Keith and Ann on n.b Oakfield and were able to meet Paul and Lynne who also come from Kent, on n.b.Piston Broke. We were very kindly offered beers on both boats and ended up staying with Keith and Ann till about 7.30pm. We got back to Derwent6 and had something to eat, exhausted by the days cruising.


Bottle said...

7.30 more like 8.30, time flies when your having fun. :-)

Del and Al said...

oooo it does doesn't it.....we had a great time catching up :-)