Friday, January 07, 2011

Too much snow for Mr Tesco?

Woke up to another sprinkle of snow this morning!!! Then, just as we had got up, a BW boat came past us and broke the ice...Hurrah!!! The ice was still two inches thick but the snow started to turn into rain... We hope we may be able to move tomorrow..

We were then waiting for Mr Tesco to turn up between 11.00am and 1.00pm but the phone rang, and we missed his call at 10.55am with a message saying "I can't wait any longer so I will have to move on due to the snowy conditions" This was even before our time slot... A call to head office at 11.05am did no good either, as they only offered us a slot for tomorrow or our money back.... Oh well!

So it was a walk into the nearest village to pick up a few bits, so at least it saved us some money. It seemed to warm up a bit more in the afternoon and we chilled out watching the rain on the ice turning it very slushy. We also managed to get 40 litres of diesel from Graham, the diesel in a can man.

We also got our prices for the central heating water pump which came in at £170.00 + vat and the radiator was £200.00 + vat. Lets hope this is covered on the insurance......

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Anonymous said...

Hope Al is feeling better - missed seeing you over Christmas, but look forward to catching up soon! Hope you get the heating sorted soon. Lots of love and xxxxx
Mr and Mrs Bunce xxx