Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Warning! Heavy load coming...

Well you know how much Al likes her shopping.... Well it's the only reason she will get up early..

We set off for Atherstone which is about a mile and a half away. As they have shut off the towpath we diverted down the A5 which brings you right out at the large Co-Op in the centre.The first thing we did was get a coffee and get our breath back. We then got our shopping and then went for a walk around the town. Atherstone has 18 pubs at the moment (great for a pub crawl) so there is a lot to choose from, but the shops just seem a bit run down. It's a bit sad really....

We then set about walking back with a heavy load on our backs.. We should have had a police escort it was so heavy!!! We got back to Derwent6 at about 15.30pm, with the straps still in tack on our ruck sacks.

Del then cleaned out the bilge and lined it with newspaper as we are still trying to find this water leak. We will have a good go at it this week.... while Del was doing this another boat passed us trying to go up the locks.."you both know the locks are closed till the end of February don't you" with that he just put his hands in the air... why don't people look at the stoppages program, and boaters were even given the chance to change it... So we now have two boats waiting to go up the locks

Al did a lovely Mexican and we had some fajitas in the evening while we sat and watched some telly....


Jo Lodge said...

Hi Al and Del.

When we have been into Atherstone, we have also thought the shops are a little run down, which is very sad because it could be a lovely town. With 18 pubs it is amazing they all survive.

I am surprised that people do not know what stoppages are on and when. Even if you do not have the internet, you can get a paper stoppage list sent, or better still use the towpath jungle drums. Hey ho they will be a little wiser the next time.... or will they?

Pleased to see all is well with you both. We are at Foxton at the moment and going to spend the weekend here.
Have a lovely weekend, looking forward to seeing you soon xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
I know, can't believe some people miss the stoppages and although they can be a necessary pain, BW do usually give us boaters plenty of notice. Enjoy Foxton this weekend......it seems ages since we've been there! Hope to see you sometime in March. Take care xxx