Thursday, January 20, 2011

New rad fitted but will it leak..

It was a cold night and we had a frost in the morning. Al was still in Kent and Del was up early as Fernwood (our boat builders) were bringing out the new radiator and pump to us. Del waited by the closest bridge and helped them bring the parts back to Derwent6. After they left Del got to work on fitting the radiator. He hardest part was fitting the end caps which never came with the new radiator and it didn't help that two of them were left hand threads. Still it got fitted OK. Del then set about the central heating pump and while he was at it he serviced the boiler cleaning out the chamber for an inspection of cracks and the glow plugs. Antifreeze was then added to the system but we never filled it with water due to the possibility of it freezing tonight..

The old radiator was taken to the waste disposal point on the sack barrow, a quarter of a mile and it's very heavy!

In the evening Del went into town and as he passed The Clock Pub there was a big pool match going on.. It was rude not to go in and have a look and watch some of the best pool he had ever seen, with a few pints of course. For the walk back, he picked up sausage and chips as the towpath started to turn white with frost.

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