Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cold on the Stern

It was a cold night but the heating coming on for a hour had taken the chill off Derwent6. We lit the fire and then took a walk down to the post office, to post a letter, and then went over to the Tesco's Extra and picked up some stuff to keep us going for the next week or so in case we get iced in again.

We set off at around 11.00am and headed up through Hopwas and then through Whittington. As we moved up it just got colder and colder and we could soon see our breath. It got so cold that Al took the helm and Del did a quarter of a mile walk to warm up. He also took some pictures of Derwent6 going through the water and not more of those roof top shots we normally take loads of. The moorings here are a bit scarce and we ended up mooring in the middle of nowhere, not good when ice is on the horizon.

We were getting low on wood, and we had a couple of days on the roof, so the first thing we did was chop that lot up. The new chain on the chainsaw went through it all like a knife through butter.

After a chat with the guy we moored next to, we soon got in by the lovely warm snug fire, even though we couldn't get a TV signal. We had some dinner late in the afternoon for a change and then sat and listened to Bob Harris and a bit of Country in the evening.

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