Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boats broken into here!!!

Ahhh, it was lovely having the central heating coming on this morning. It's funny how you miss it, but you could also adapt to being without it.

After Al had been down south she just wanted a quiet day so she had a lay in and then read her book. Del on the other hand made her breakfast in bed and then went out on the hunt for wood. It wasn't long before he came back with half a tree. He spent the rest of the day with the chain saw cutting it all up.

While he was chopping wood, a couple walking their dog on the opposite side of the canal where Derwent6 is moored, shouted "do you know that this boat has been broken into, and a window has been broken". So Del went round and had a look. A window had been broken and glass was all over the towpath. Not much had been touched, but there were footprints through the boat. We then phoned BW's Emergency number and we got through to the West Midlands ambulance service! (the person who broke in would have needed them if we had caught them), and we then gave them all the details. (They man the emergency telephone lines for BW out of hours)

A guy then came back to his boat further along, so Del went and had a word, to see if he knew the damaged boat owners. He did, and he also told us that his had been damaged and another two further along the moorings. Blimey so close to Derwent6. It's amazing we never heard anything.....

We sheeted up the broken windows on the damaged boats, as it was trying to rain.


Sue said...

Gosh, close to home... too close!

You can have all the locks in the world, but narrowboat windows are a piece of doddle to break.

I am surprised there was no cctv over on that side of the canal, maybe now they will get one put in.

Glad you sheeted it up, did someone call the cops?

Hope you are not getting too bored there.. so unlucky not to get through.

We will be joining the queue later in Feb, so hopefully will meet up before Braunston..


Del and Al said...

Hi Sue, yep one of the owners called the cops. I still can't believe we didn't hear anything, but we were a little distance away. We're just poodling about enjoying ourselves. See you end of Feb in the queue!! x