Monday, January 10, 2011

Broken Ice, but it's too late

The first thing we did this morning was to phone BW to see if the locks at Atherstone had been started today, and yes was the answer... So plan B....

We had another heavy frost here last night but there was water on the ice by 10.00am.

We decided to get some washing done as we are stuck on the water point here. We managed to get a couple of loads washed and dried in the tumble but the engine was running for three hours. We then refilled with water. While all this was going on BW came up through the locks with a barge of bits going to Atherstone locks. "Can we follow you up and have they started the repairs yet?" we shouted. "I'm sorry guys, but the lads have already started and we don't know if we are going to get there today, due to this ice" It took them half a hour just to get through our little section, so we don't know how they got on.

Next job....we have had a problem with the gauge not showing full when we know we have a full tank of water, so Del managed to recalibrate the pressure sender unit once we'd filled up.

We then went for a walk into Tamworth and had a good look around. On our way we found the cinema, so in the early evening we went to the pictures and on our way back picked up some Fish and Chips to walk back to Derwent6 with.

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