Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to Fazeley

We set off this morning at 9.30am and moved to the water point, we didn't really need water, but we had loads of washing to do, and thought it best to top up before we cruised. We made our way to Polesworth and had no problems, but the water does look like it's full of algae like you get in your fish pond, it must have been caused by all that ice.We saw BW trimming the hedges but they had no wood as they were shredding everything they were cutting down (not much help to boaters that!). We passed a boat on the way to Tamworth which put the two locks at Glascote in our favour. We found a mooring in Fazeley just up from the junction and managed to get a TV signal. We then went out and found a Tesco's Extra and the Post Office to pick up and deliver some bits and pieces. While we were moored here, people kept walking past with lumps of wood, so Del went to investigate. Sure enough a tree was down just up from us, and we managed to salvage a couple of bits for ourselves. In the evening we just chatted with the radio on....Brian Ferry night tonight with Roxy Music.

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