Friday, January 28, 2011

Breaking ice again

We had another cold night but not as cold as they predicted. The canal had a very thin layer of ice and the decision was made to move. It was beautiful sunshine and easy cruising with the wafer thin ice very patchy in places. We made our way up to Fradley junction and topped up with water as they also predict another cold night tonight and we might be iced in. We got through the locks and Al made a friend at the top lock. We were then on the hunt for wood as the locker was getting empty and it wasn't long before we spotted some. With some maneuvering we got the stern of Derwent6 over to the bank enough to put on a few logs. We then went up to Handsacre and turned. We found a mooring we like just down from the turning point with a good TV signal and 3G.Del then set about cutting the wood up and we ended up with a nice pile which will see us through the weekend.

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