Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting those jobs you put off done

We were going to move today but to be honest we couldn't be bothered. So we used the opportunity to do some other jobs. Al read her book for the best part of the day and Del decided to service and put a new chain on the Chainsaw. How and why do you have to service a chainsaw?. Well it's a important piece of kit on Derwent6 and the chain has to be sharpened so we have two chains which we interchange. We also have to clean the air filter, the chain lubricating filter and the fuel filter, also the spark plug has to cleaned. So hopefully we're OK now for another year.

We got the touch up paint for the radiators and they are now finished, fingers crossed. We also changed the rubber in the stern gland greaser, so jobs well done today.

If the weather allows we will be moving tomorrow!!!!


artymess said...

my son (landscape gardener) tells me its a real pain to sharpen a chain saw as you have to sharpen each one at a certain angle ....seems like Del has a job on his hands ....think you have the better job Al !!!....x

Del and Al said...

Hi Lorna, yep the book was very enjoyable, and I kept Del topped up with food & drink lol !! Good news is the chainsaw is now as good as new! x