Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trip to Ventura Park

We were up early as we were going to Ventura Park shopping complex. Now you all know how Al likes spending money and Derwent6 was in need of some presents. But we got held up because when we opened the stern doors, the hinge had broke again making Derwent6 insecure. We managed to get the pin out again as it was well greased, but we will now definitely have to get some stainless steel ones made, as we have used up our supplies again. We ended up leaving at 11.00am and took a short walk of about a mile across the fields and you soon had the park in view. The first thing we did we went to the huge Asda Superstore and were greeted with Easter Eggs for a pound. Easter already!!!! Uhhh! It's not till the end of April..............
There were loads of bargains to be had but we managed to get out without buying anything. It was then into a huge M & S and not so much luck there. Al brought some new tops and Derwent6 got some new pillows for the bedroom. We then had a coffee and a pork sandwich at Roasters a family run business in Tamworth. It came recommended, and we can also recommend it, Yum Yum!
With full tummies we then got some new cushions, a door mat and some paint for Derwent6. It then started to rain so we made our way back home with all our bags.
When we got back we lit the fire and got out all our new things and tried them. Our Cushions look fab and the mat in the engine room fitted nicely. We fitted the new pillows and then sat down with a cup of tea. In the evening we sat and watched Arsenal beat Ipswich to get to their first cup final of the year.. Well done boys!


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...
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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Delited last comment as some words missing.
Beating Ipswich is nothing to be proud of, every one is doing it this year.
I think I will stick with Norwich.
Do you have to change the whole hindge or just the pin?

Del and Al said...

Hi Brian
We were proud of beating Ipswich as we have not had any silverware for the last six years... Maybe we will be playing Norwich next year..
It is just the pin that we need as luckily the shell hinge is alright.

Dave Winter said...

Just reading about the pin problem on the door hinges.
When they break again(I hope they don't)put a chamfer around the top of the hinge hole so that it's not in contact with the radius which I guess is under the pin head.This scoring of that radius however small will set up a stress fracture under the head under constant use.
Hope this helps.