Friday, January 11, 2019

Up the Coventry and said Goodbye to Santa for another year!

It was a lot colder when we surfaced this morning and even Tooty didn't go out during the night, he needs to grow some! (more hair lol)
Del sorted out Derwent6 and we were ready to go by 9.15am. We set off in clear blue skies and it wasn't that cold, only in the wind.
We made our way up to Hawkesbury Junction with no boats around, and the lock was in our favour.
We made the turn with the help of the wind and headed up the Coventry Canal.

It was then a lock free two hours as we made our way to Nuneaton. We still hadn't passed anything till we got to Father Christmas who was waving goodbye for another year.
 We passed the Ashby, and the rubbish in the canal has got a bit worse here again and a lot of cleaning of the prop and taking care through the debris was the order of the day.
The graffiti on the bridges was back, such a shame as we like this canal.

Nuneaton is a great place for shopping but you just don't feel like stopping overnight here. You soon get back out into the countryside and it feels a bit of a relief that you have no damage. It is lovely the other side of Nuneaton, and as we are writing this we are listening to Telephone line by ELO and had to put this picture on.
We then moored just up from here near Springwood Haven Marina and had some lunch.
We then got ourselves ready and walked the 30 minutes into Camp Hill where they have a good Co-Op. We got all our provisions for another few days, and just missed Mark on the coal boat as we walked back, so hopefully see him tomorrow. We then just settled down for the rest of the day.

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Unknown said...

exactly where we moored about two years ago. A really pleasant location & with Springwood Haven just round the corner it is also very convenient,