Thursday, January 31, 2019

Down to Reading and the central heating serviced

We had a lazy morning as it was Hannah's leaving day today! She packed her bags and Del said his goodbyes.
Al was being given a lift to the station before Hannah hit the motorway as Al was going down to Reading. She met up with her friend Joy, staying the night, and Joy and Steve had cooked a lovely dinner.

Del wanted to get the radiators drained and refilled with antifreeze so they could take the dip in temperatures expected..  He also wanted to service the Eberspacher 10 heating boiler and make sure things were in good working order..
Al then went into Reading for brunch with Joy and met up with another friend Lorry.  They had a lovely time before Al got the train back. She arrived back at 4.30pm just before it got dark and just before Del had finished the boiler..
We had a lovely night in our very warm Derwent6, we are now ready for the snow!!.

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