Tuesday, January 29, 2019


The plan was to set off this morning so Del put on the lamp and prepared Derwent6 for launch, BUT NO CAT!
Tooty had decided that he didn't want to move today and had gone into the woods and was nowhere to be seen. Shaking his treats didn't work and even offering his food bowl.. it got to lunchtime and we still planned to leave but after 8 hours he wasn't coming back today. There had been a lot of dog walkers and also golfers which spook him a bit with the clattering of their clubs.
Del brought the lamp back in and buttoned Derwent6 up for the night, we weren't going nowhere! It got to twelve hours, so we both went out the stern deck of Derwent6, with layers of clothing in the freezing conditions and also armed with torches and treats!
Del just shone the torch light along the gunwale and in the cratch and these cats eyes appeared wondering what all the fuss was about..  Al had worked herself up a bit and was so relieved to see him back! So a day wasted, but we had our cat back. Lets hope it now doesn't freeze the canal tonight.. :-)

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