Thursday, January 10, 2019

Catch up and Sunday Lunch

So after doing the engine we have been keeping an eye on things and checking the engine is bled properly. We have also just been enjoying some time to ourselves and catching up on some tv and our Peaky Blinder's dvd's.
 On the Sunday we walked across the fields for a couple of miles to The Old Lion pub.
It was a very relaxing walk and felt like it did us some good after all the festive activities.
Like everyone else we have decided it will be a dry January, but still wanted to support the pubs.
 We are both suckers for a Sunday lunch and we picked the right place to come to..
It was lovely and the plates were huge, also the staff were great and the chef was terrific.

With full tummies the walk back was the best thing to do, and we arrived back at Derwent6 just before dark.

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