Monday, January 14, 2019

Litter pickers depart

It was a bit of a lay in after our late night with Maffi. We sorted ourselves out and then noticed Maffi litter picking outside and loading the rubbish on the roof of his boat with Mollie looking on..
I think what people have to remember is some boats make the canal a mess, however some boats pick it all up and keep it tidy. After all we All have to look at it!!
We said our goodbyes and then went our separate ways.
We passed through Ansty which appeared to be empty.
It has been so quiet around here!
We pushed on to the swingbridge at Rose's narrowboats and spotted some wood in the sidings.
We moored up at All Oaks which had a couple of boats on it..
Tooty was off in this familier spot.
Del walked up and got the wood he spotted and that will be a job for tomorrow. It was going to be one of those quiet nights in tonight..

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