Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Water and tummy top up with Oakfield

Well we needed to get water today..We are not desperate, but we thought it best to put some in while it was slightly warmer than of late.
So at 10.30am we walked along to Clifton Cruisers boatyard with our water and diesel container and got twenty litres of diesel and then twenty five litres of water..
It was no good using the sack barrow as the snow was too deep so Del carried the water and Al used the diesel can as a sledge and pushed it back to Derwent6.
After adding both we then walked back to the boatyard, where we then visited Keith and Ann on n.b. Oakfield.. They were waiting for us and already had the kettle on.. It wasn't long before they also had some cheese and herb toasties on the go.....We didn't stop there as we followed that with some hot rum toddy they had been given for Christmas, followed by some cherry brandy chocolates..yum yum!
We could have stayed with them all day. but like all boaters, when you want a wee you have to go!!
We said our goodbyes and then filled up our water container again and got it back to Derwent6, it went straight in...
With our full tummies and Derwent6 so toasty we had a little cat nap in the afternoon.... A lovely Day!!

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