Saturday, January 26, 2013

Rugby Reunion

We had a very cold night last night, minus ten, and we had trouble keeping the fire in..
It was so cold we couldn't fill the tank with water today due to the filler pipe being frozen. We were having breakfast when we heard a cracking noise. Can you believe it a boat was coming along breaking ice..
As he passed us we shouted "what's the emergency?" "Got to get to Hillmorton today" he shouted as he opened up the throttle.
At 10.40am we caught the bus into Rugby with Keith and Ann off n.b. Oakfield. We quickly made our way to Weatherspoons where we planned to have breakfast. We met up with Paul and Lynne off n.b. Piston Broke. It was good to see Paul looking well. We caught up with everyone and put the world to rights as normal. We then parted and all did the Asda bit. We all did our small bits of shopping and then got the bus back. We tried to get on a different bus on the way back but had to wait a extra half a hour in the cold for the right one.. We arrived back to Derwent6 at 3.30pm and luckily the fire had kept in well. Derwent6 was warm and snug.. We then had a problem with the telly as the signal kept going in and out. Del had a quick look but it was too cold to sort out a fix. A morning job we think!! so it was out with the DVD's and a film. We went to bed early as the temperature started to drop.

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