Saturday, January 26, 2013

Loads to Do

We got up early as we had loads to do.. We needed water and we also needed some more wood, and we had the telly to sort out. We had some breakfast and then Del started on the wood first..We had some on the roof so we first chopped this up and then went on the hunt for more.. We managed to find some not too far away so we filled the locker up.. It was a bit damp and got a bit snowy but we're sure it will dry.
We then walked up and got a couple of containers of water to keep us going for another couple of days.. Just as well we did because it started to snow again and turned very cold in the evening.. Del then had a look at the satellite dish and wiring, as we get a signal which flickers in and out of locking. When it all warms up things seem fine. Del found a nick in the aerial wire and thought that must be it..but it wasn't!  We are a bit baffled at the moment, so we have to leave the telly on for fifteen minutes before we can watch it. It might be the pick up on the dish or the Sky box playing up..

Well we have had enough of it now and are waiting for the big thaw and flooding. The towpaths will turn to mud and slush making things just as difficult. Al had cooked a lovely roast chicken which smelt lovely throughout the day which we had early evening..

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