Saturday, January 26, 2013

All Prepped up, with nowhere to go

We were up early this morning as we felt we had a lot to do.. We have had weather reports that we are getting more snow so we are in preparation for this to happen. We had things to do such as get more wood on the roof, top up the coal bucket, get more water in before it freezes, Check the anti freeze levels, check the lagging on the pipes, and pressurise the central heating system. We are going to get temperature drops of minus twenty tonight so the fire will be stoked right up...Del managed to pick up all the loose branches in case we need them and also he broke up a crate on the roof so we have some kindling in case the fire goes out overnight.. Its all about preparation!!
Al got the bus into Rugby and met up with the boating gang for a coffee. She also had some shopping to do for herself and others, girl therapy!! She came back at 2.00pm and we then walked down the laundry to get the bed sheets washed and dried, but the waste pipe had split and we couldn't use it. Still it was a good plan!! maybe tomorrow (in the snow)..


nb piston broke said...

Did you not fix that pipe after the last time? so its serves you right!!!!and not only is it frozen up it has split too I will have to have a serious talk with you Del

Del and Al said...

Not us Paul. the waste pipe at the Laundry at Clifton!!!!! A job for the water board......going to get you some new glasses lol

nb piston broke said...

it states on your Rugby Reunion post and I quote "the filler pipe was frozen" AGAIN and yes I misread the split