Monday, January 14, 2013

Twenty one, Sixty one, and a 50th..Phew!

We said it was going to be a busy year and as you can tell it has started already. We got the train down to Kent on Friday and was met by David who kindly picked us up from Sevenoaks. It was David's 21st Birthday and we were down to see him and arrangements were made for us to go out in the evening. He then opened all his presents one of which was a weekend trip to the British Grand Prix.
We then all went out to David's favourite pub where we met up with loads of friends and then we all went out for a curry afterwards..David turned out to be a little bit worse for wear after it all..Oh to be twenty one again..
In the morning, funnily enough, we never saw David, but we said our goodbyes to Bernie and Sarah and then got the train back to Al's Mum and Dad's. It was their 61st wedding anniversary and we asked what they wanted to do.. 'We would love some fish and chips at home' they said, so we picked some up and had them back at home.. It was lovely to be with them on their special day. At 7.00pm we were picked up by Zoe and Greg. Zoe is a school friend and used to get ready at Al's house, so it brought back loads of memories her walking back through the door.. We then all set off to go to Essex where we were meeting up with Zoe and Al's other school friend Rachel. It was her fiftieth, the second of many school friends, and was having a party in Witham. We had a great time dancing the night away and the shock of the day was her boyfriend announcing to Rachel 'will you marry me', she said yes as he put on the engagement ring.

We left there at 1.00am and drove back to Whitstable.
After a couple of late nights and heavy drinking we were knackered on Sunday morning. We had a lovely breakfast and chat with Zoe and Greg before Greg kindly run us back to Whitstable station. We caught the train into London and then realised we had lost our tickets back to Rugby, somewhere over the weekend..  After a row with Virgin trains who wouldn't replace them even though we had all the identification with us, we ended up buying some more from cheaper London Midlands trains. It meant a slower trip back but at least we got back. We arrived at 2.30pm back to a very cold Derwent6 with ice on the roof. It took us three hours to get Derwent6 warmed back up, but it was good to be home. 

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