Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas break and New Year Joy

Well HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Blimey 2013 lets hope it's a good one, we have certainly got a busy year. Squeezing it all in could be a problem... Our plans, well you can't really make plans on the cut, there are too many things that can mess things up a bit. But if we do, we plan to do a lot of travelling this year. Derwent6 will be blacked and there is a big birthday ahead. So what have we been up to....................
Well we went down to Kent on the 21st of December whilst Derwent6 was in the safe hands of the lock keeper here. We saw Al's Mum and Dad and stayed with them, but not before meeting up with a few friends at West Malling. We saw Lynne and the gang in one pub and Maxine and Graham in another.
On the 22nd it was nephew Thomas's birthday so we were Christmas and birthday wrapping in the morning and then over to Del's brother Cliff and Louise where they had a lovely birthday party for him. We then stayed at Del's step mum Terry's overnight.
Here's Del and Jack true Arsenal fans
We stayed with Terry in the morning on the 23rd and then set off for our afternoon delivery's. We saw Del's other brother Craig and Faye, and nephew & niece Callum & Kara, and we then popped in to see friends Richard, Lisa, Alex & Olivia, and then on to Steve and Erica's,.....a busy day.
We spent Christmas Eve morning with Al's Mum and Dad again and in the evening went over to see friends Bernie, Sarah, David & Hannah for a Curry.
Christmas day we woke up with presents at the end of the bed at Al's Mum and Dad's and Al cooked just the best Christmas dinner.
 Did we all then fall asleep? well no it was then all in the car and we travelled to Farnham in Surrey where we then saw Al's sister Jo and Brian and all the family. It was nice to have four generations of family there. It was also Alfie's birthday, yes! on Christmas Day.. We drove back to Kent in the evening and crashed into bed..
Boxing Day was back over to Cliff and Lou's where we played all day with the kids presents. It was nice to play all the retro games like Ker Plunk, Battleships and Frustration including a bit of Scrabble, with more food. We both felt half a stone heavier at this point already!
On the 27th it was our day, so we went and braved the sales at Bluewater shopping centre. We got there at 9.00am when it was empty and could stand it till 2.00pm when it was heaving.... We queued to get out and the motorway was solid, trying to get in..But we got what we wanted, we did shop till we dropped.
On the 28th we spent the day with Bernie and Sarah again and went down the local pub for a drink and we spent the night with them.
We left them on Saturday 29th and made our way down to Whitstable where we linked up with Zoe and Greg, their gorgeous dog Jumble  and new puppy Rummage. We walked to the pub on the beach next to them, passing their boat on the shore.
We then went back to theirs for more food and had a lovely spread done by Greg. Bas (Zoe's son) and his daughter Liberty joined us later in the afternoon which was lovely. We left at 5.00pm and then turned up on the doorstep of  Del's Dad's brother Uncle John and Auntie Diane where we caught up with all the family gossip.
Sunday 30th was boys and girls day. Del went out gliding with the boys and Al sat watching films with the girls.
Monday was New Years Eve and we chilled all day having quality time with Al's Mum and Dad. We left at 5.00pm and met up with Bernie and Sarah and then went over to friends Steve and Erica's where food was laid on for us. At 10.00pm we walked over to the local pub where there was a girl singer and a disco. Party poppers and Auld Lang Syne with friends, you can't beat it..
After only four hours sleep we were up again and this time a carvery lunch was booked at the Hop Pole in Nettlestead We all check out our new years resolutions and how we had done last year.. Good fun!
After all this we couldn't wait to get back home to Derwent6 and some form of tranquility. So we caught the early train back to Long Buckby where we got the bus back to Derwent6. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
The last few days we have just chilled and we mean Chhhhhhiiiilledddddd, and we plan to do this till after the weekend when we can get back to normal... We've had a fantastic time and it's good to be home!

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Jacquie said...

Bit of a flat week then !!!!! lol
Here's to us all having a continued fab time on and off the boat.