Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Mild, Quiet and Cruising

We left early this morning and turned round, yep it was time to move we have been here too long.. You know when you just want some time to yourselves well we had it now.. We got that itchy feet feeling and had to have a change of scenery. After we had turned we filled with water, but we didn't need much, and Del got rid of the rubbish. CART (Canal And River Trust) had already started on the Buckby flight of locks.
We headed back to Braunston and made our way through the tunnel. We had the canal all to ourselves and the tunnel was empty. When we got to Braunston Locks we were surprised to find them all in our favour, touch!
With some good teamwork we were down them by midday. Braunston is just so quiet this year, where is everyone,
Still we decided not to stop and pushed on to another favourite spot of ours Onley.
 It was nice to see bridge 80 all finished.

We were having a good cruising day and the sun was trying to come out so we pushed on towards Hillmorton. It is just so mild for the time of year, is this the calm before the storm. We tried to moor at Hillmorton chandlers and were stopped as they had a power cut and the diesel pump wasn't working, a shame as it's 88p a litre here. Still we had half a tank and could get it at another time, lets hope that doesn't bit us on the bum.
We got to Hillmorton Locks and we spotted a boat in front of us, life at last! We were even more pleased when they saw us coming and set the lock up for us, they also must have wanted someone to talk to. We chatted as we helped each other through the locks which helped us time wise. We said our goodbyes at the bottom as they decided to moor up.
We pushed on to Clifton. After setting the telly up and wiping Derwent6 down we got in the cosy warmth inside. It had just started to get cold and we were grateful we left the stove going. This trip had allowed Al to get some washing done and also get it dry. In the evening we run some downloads..Well Bon Jovi's new single has been released today, and Del is already sick of it!!!

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One Thing After Another said...

Sounds great guys! We really need to move soon too, we've spent too much time on our mooring, even though it is just off lovely farmland , I need a change of scenery! We were meant to go last week but certain events meant we couldn't go! Argh! Maybe next week!