Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moving for Tank Levels

With the snow gone and just a little ice on the cut we planned to move and have a change of scenery.
Al walked along to the boatyard at Clifton and got all her sheets washed. When the tumble drier went on we moved Derwent6 up to the boatyard to have a pumpout and diesel..
They only had 200 litres left of diesel so they let us have 50 litres, they had a tanker coming on Thursday. They did let us fill with water which was good of them as they are on a water metre.. We then carried on to Rugby and then turned.
We then needed a Tesco's shop so we moored at Brownsover and Al picked up a few bits..We then couldn't be bothered to move as the rain got heavier and the wind stronger, we had timed it just right..

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