Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year Breakfast

Yesterday we had a nice lazy day, although Del did clean out the bilge and greased the doors and hinges inside and outside Derwent6. Also some touching up of the paintwork was done He also went out on his bike in the afternoon trying to get rid of some of the lard from over Christmas. We are still on the hunt for wood but there is none in the area we are in and as we are due a cold snap we need to source some. Al cleaned Derwent6 and did the housework so we are dust free. Today we noticed it was a lot colder and we were glad of the fire staying in overnight. At 10.30 we set off for rugby with the plan to have a nice walk but in the end (and running a bit late), we got the bus instead. We got to Weatherspoons in the town centre at 11.00am, where we met up with Paul and Lynne of n.b Piston Broke and Keith and Ann of n.b. Oakfield for breakfast.  After the Happy New Years we caught up on what we had done over Christmas and once again put the world to rights.  As you can see no one wanted their photo taken though. They must have all done some very bad things over the last few weeks..
We then did a bit of shopping and looked around the sales for a bargain. We got the bus back to Derwent6 at 3.30pm and got settled just before it got dark. We plonked in front of the telly looking at the stars through the portholes in the evening whilst watching Stargazing.. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

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