Thursday, January 17, 2013

Search for wood

Well we have had a really cold night at minus eight on the thermometer. It was so cold that we had the fire lit all night and there was still frost on the bedroom portholes and the bungs were stuck in..
When we looked out the windows it was just so pretty. There was freezing fog which had settled on the trees and bushes which reminded us of why we love the winters so much.
On the down side we were very heavily iced in and things aren't going to improve over the next few weeks..
We are down to half a tank of fuel and we have twenty litres in a can. We have half a tank of water and we have twenty five litres in a container, and we have two bags of coal and no wood. So the next project was to find wood. Del set of in search for some and a mile away found a tree down. He brought back the branches he could snap off and then cut them up so we could put them round the fire to dry. That should see us through the next few days but we will have to use the chainsaw to recover a bit more. It's a bit of a hike, but it could be all worth it if we run out of coal. So it looks like we are here for the near future with the weather forecast showing cold into next week. It will be minus ten tonight so it will be early to bed to keep warm and wait for the heating to come on in the morning..


Carol said...

stay warm!

Anonymous said...

You were warned by all those motorway signs :)