Sunday, August 08, 2010

Very busy at Cropredy

We cleaned Derwent6 inside and out. It had a hover and yep the brasses got done! We then walked along to see how busy the village was getting. Well manic is the answer!
Where we are moored, boats keep coming and going so you could be lucky and grab a spot if you turned up at the right time.

We got as far as Broadmoor lock and then decided to walk back using the Cropredy circular footpath which takes you round the back of the stage area. It also takes you through the village of Williamscot and we did get covered in dust by this guy.
We got back 5 miles later to Derwent6 where we had some dinner before getting ready to go out again. We were meeting some friends from Sittingbourne in Kent, Phil and Marlene in the Brasenose at 8.30pm and managed to get there on time. They had a band called The Perfect which is a group of the Ex Pogues. Al manage to get on the mic again as the lead singer sat on her lap. We had another good night in good company and good music... We got back to Derwent6 at about 1.00am. God knows how we're going to keep this up.

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