Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Timing it right through Napton

We got up to a dismal day after such a nice day yesterday. The drizzle started to clear at around 11.30am so we set off hoping that everyone else might have stopped for lunch. We were right and we got to the Marston Doles with no queues. We also went down the Napton flight in bright sunshine and going straight in and out of locks with no waiting. It was very busy at the bottom of Napton locks with the Folk and Beer festival on next weekend, but to be honest we are a bit festivalled out at the moment. As the weather was so good we pressed on, joining the Grand Union, until we could see the thunder and lightening display in the distance, and it was clear we needed to stop. We just got moored up in time before the heavens opened. We had some dinner only disturbed by the wasps and low flying helicopters coming out the hedges.

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