Thursday, August 12, 2010

Let the Show Begin

Woke up to rain this morning!!!!Typical. After a hearty breakfast we got packed with rolls, drinks and the chairs before we set off to the festival. The first job was to get our wristbands and the queues weren't too bad. But then the rain got a bit heavier and on our way back to the Brasenose pub we decided to stay at the festival and wait by the gates to get a good spot when it opened. They opened at 2.00pm and we managed to get a good spot for the day. You just have to put your chairs and a blanket down to save it, everyone knows the rules.

You can then have a walk round all the stalls and suss out the places to eat before settling down for the show which started at 4.00pm today. Well as it did the heavens just opened and we huddled under an umbrella, but still got soaked.

The sun came out on and off, but so did the rain. We saw bands like Leatherat, Thea Gillmore and just the best was Status Quo. We all soon warmed up stomping in the mud, all great fun.
The show ended at 11.00pm today and we got in the queues to get out. Good job Derwent6 was just a ten minute walk away.

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