Tuesday, August 03, 2010

To see a fine lady upon a white horse

We loved this mooring we had and couldn't decide whether to stay for the day or not....well it was not in the end as it looked another good cruising day.

We went through Aynho which was busy with boats getting water. This water point is not marked in the Nicholson's new guide book but it is now, well in ours anyway!!!!!!! We had to queue at most of the locks which is unusual due to the fact that the locks normally spread everyone out. It has been funny watching the hirer's out today and this was a example. We were holding to get on the lock moorings and when the boat in front went in the lock the boat behind moved his boat in the middle of the lock moorings so we still couldn't get in... it gave us a laugh!!! All the hire companies must be doing well this year and it is good to see the canals being used so much.

We carried on up through the lovey countryside of King's Sutton where we passed this lovely vegetable cart. We then went past Adderbury going under the lift bridges and low bridges on the way, without taking the chimney off, like we did last time. We moored in one of our favorite spots just before Banbury. The boat in front of us very kindly moved up to get us in. It has been very shallow all the way (well for us anyway) and we had some trouble mooring up without Derwent6 listing over to one side.

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