Monday, August 09, 2010

Roll out the barrels

We were up early this morning as Al had a bus to catch. We had a boat go by us with our surname on it but we never had the chance to shout out if they were related or not... Maybe we will see them again to ask. Al left at 9.30am to catch the bus for 10.00 into Banbury. She then got the train down to Reading where she had lunch with her friends, Joy and Yaz.
Del was busy saving a spot for n.b Thema while doing some touching up on Derwent6. A couple of boats had moved and we were hoping they could get the spot before someone else jumped in there. Luckily they came along at the right time and all was well.
Del was then treated to a fried brunch by his Mum, Pat. Also Keith had finished the barrels which he very kindly painted the roses and castles on for us. They looked great on the roof of Derwent6 and all we've got to do now is fill them with Wine and Rum! Al got back at around 7.00pm and we had a bite to eat. We were going to go to the pub, but just crashed out instead!

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abfab said...

Hi there
Sounds like you're still enjoying.I have been offline because moved into rented, eeeerrrrrgh.Hope you are both ok? Have got over op ok but now looking forward to my shoulder op in August and John got to have bunions done, ouch!!! Still lets get it all over with before we get the boat!xx
Trude and John