Friday, December 11, 2009

Steady trip to Cosgrove

Thick fog here this morning, so we waited for it to clear a bit before heading off. We had non event journey and the scenery wasn't that good to shout about, through this section, but it was nice and quiet and trouble free. We did go over two aquaducts and passed this fellow made out of scrap metal. We managed to get to Cosgrove, before it got to cold for us to continue and the temptation of the fire glowing was to great. We moored up and the mooring warden ( Hazel, a nice lady ) came along with a welcome notice and made us feel very welcome with it. It's a nice feeling when someone is looking after the boat when your not around.We went for a short walk in the afternoon just to stretch our legs, before we sat down and warmed up. While we were just sitting comfortably the coal boat came passed and with a side window out and a shout we picked up five bags of Stove Glow to see us through this cold snap, we're supposed to have.
Then we did manage to sit down and you guessed we fell asleep. Al did manage to make some mince pies, with loads of rum in them, and then we had a nice steak for dinner, no wonder we fell asleep!!!!


Les Biggs said...

Was the coal boat Bletchley/Argus.Was he going south/north.
I use Stoveglow whenever i can get it.

Keith Lodge said...

We always like mooring at Cosgrove. Hazel is as you say a lnice lady, who is always welcoming, she also makes lovely rag rugs. The coal boat for that section are Ascot and Beverley, Gary runs the pair. Stay warm you two.... I love the sound of the mince pies. mmmmmm

Del and Al said...

Hi Les, as Jo mentions, it was Gary on Ascot, and he only goes down as far as Leighton Buzzard. We love Stoveglow as well, but it's sometimes hard to get hold of.

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
Cosgrove is lovely, friendly and chilled. Hope your run is going well, take care and see you soon x

Wozie said...

We use Taybrite which is good and the fire will keep in all night if it is well stoked up.
The sloping side-plates that we invested in are proving to be an excellent investment!

nb Oakfield