Thursday, December 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Derwent6

Well Derwent6 is one year old today!!!!!! Hoorrrrraayyy!!!

We have had a fantastic year and long may it continue.... Well how can we celebrate as we're not wasting any beer or wine over the bow as we did with the launch. So maybe we will just rejoice in the saloon. We have decked the halls and bow with holly, and will be putting up tinsel inside. Derwent6 is very Christmassy..... Mind you the weather's not as good as it was at the launch, it was cold with blue sky's, but Derwent6 has coped in all weathers so she won't mind. At least she is getting a birthday wash.


Love Del & Al



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - it's a great milestone.

At risk of being totally thick is Derwent 6 your 6th boat?

May you have many more happy years on the water...

Sue, Indigo Dream

Bottle said...

Indeed Happy Birthday to Derwent6.
We to remember that day, a year ago, as yours came out ours went in.

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

Debdale and the ice seem a long time ago.
Happy Birthday
Brian and Diana

Les Biggs said...

Congratulations to all 3 of you.
May you have many more happy years together.

Derwent Gnome said...

Yes, happy birthday. But may I add there are four of us not three. Keep tabs on the blog between now and June next year when my travels will end.


Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday! It's unbelievable it's been a year already. Can't wait for the 2010 Grand Adventures of Derwent6!

Have loads more years of fun!

Joyce & Steve xx

Sue said...

A year already? Goodness me.. I remember watching Derwent 6 going into the water followed by a big white van containing.....

Well only you and me knows what!!!

It's just great to see what a fabulous year you have had.. I am sure there will be many many more of them


Sue said...

I didnt write that very well,.. I didnt mean that the white van also went into the canal.. it just arrived on the quay beside Derwent6

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Derwent 6,the time has gone so quickly and what a wonderful time you have had already.It's been lovely to follow your travels,keep it up. Lots of love Mum & Keith,n.b. Thema xxxxx

Ratty said...

Happy Birthday indeed...

I cannot believe it's been a year, you are living my dream guys long may it last...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! What a year with us both upping sticks to follow the dream!! So happy that it has lived up to your expectations - you are both very special and enjoy as much happiness as you can handle. Look forward to seeing you soon with love and xxxxxxxxxxxxx Z

Del and Al said...

Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments. We've had a wonderful first year, and are very lucky to have such good friends. It's been lovely having our old friends on the boat, and meeting lots of new friends too.

Hi Sue, no it's not our 6th boat, but it is '6' for a reason. Will explain all when we see you!

Hi Bottle, yes a memorable day for you both too

Hi Sue looool can't believe we got it all aboard now

Hi Z, it's good to have a change and a privaledge to have the opportunity. Take care and see you soon xxxxx

Hi Brian & Diana, I you think we'll get more????

Thanks Les, it's been lovely catching up with you this year x

Thanks Joy & Steve, really looking forward to seeing you soon xxx

Hi Mum & Keith, I know can you believe it a year! Keep warm on nb Thema and we'll see you in the new year xxx

Thank you so much Malc and thanks for following the blog, and keep your dream alive!

And finally, Derwent Gnome. There may be 3 of us here, but always 4 in our hearts! Happy Travels xxx